Joshua Bird : Poetry



“A Poem” forthcoming from Denver Quarterly

“[Prologue. before saying]” forthcoming from Yalobusha Review

from “The Book of UnTitles” –  COUNTERCLOCK #6

After        Art” –  Isthmus Review, Summer 2019 Issue no 9

“Query” –  Eye Flash Poetry #3

Three Poems – Ink In Thirds, Vol. 2, Issue 4

“the future of autopsy reporting” – Silver Blade Magazine #38 

“A Brief History of Sadness” – Visions International #96



Feature Friday – Ink In Thirds


Joshua Bird is.

Joshua Bird is.

Joshua Bird is. beyond this. a poet with or in estranging language. he confines his solipsistic tendencies to short bios. also a contrary possibility. for more and/or less.

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